It's about QUALITY & individualism where one size does NOT fit all!

Welcome to the Operatic Frog and thank you for taking the time to visit my page.

I am nuts for knits, wool, colour, texture and all things craft related. I have always been creative ever since a small child...usually with a trail of mess left behind me. I like tactile objects and love colour, it's a feast for the eyes.

My 94 year old Grandmother used to sew and still knits, my Mum makes the most amazing handmade cards and taught me how to knit & do cross stitch as a child. I am completely self-taught when it comes to crocheting and painting and now I am passing on all of these skills to my own children. Long live traditional skills being passed down from generation to generation! I live with my husband, 2 daughters and one mad cat. Like most households, it can get pretty bonkers around here at times! We like to have a good laugh and try not to take life too seriously.

Fit is important... in fact that's how I got started!!!
I know how important it is to have something that fits properly. I am quite small compared to the average sized adult, (5ft 1". And that 1 inch is super important - well to me anyway). So I can't stand it when shop labels state "one size fits all" when so obviously they DON'T!

Trying to find adult hats that fit me are a nightmare...the only hats that seem to fit are for children & unless I want to shop in the kiddies section at Baby Gap...Hmmm, I think NOT! getting something suitable is a real challenge. So yes... I know what it means to have something that actually fits and still feel good about it.

One size DOES NOT fit all! (Yes I know I keep saying it...because it's true!!)
In Christmas 2014, my husband and I were invited to a Christmas party...with a theme...a Christmas theme...which meant dressing up!

Not only could I not find anything that would fit my head, (I have a small head), but I didn't like what I saw on the internet. Which got me thinking, "why not create something for myself?" Sure there maybe a Santa's sack-full of elves going to this party, but I bet no one else will have an elf hat the same as me - because it will be a one-off creation. And it was! I received lots of compliments, with people wanting to know where I got it from. They were impressed that I had made it my self and encouraged me to sell what I make.

...So here I am, turning my hand at making fashion items. Who would have thought?

You may be wondering how the name of my shop came about. It begins with my children who love to sing around the house...and not always in the "conventional manner". My eldest has taken to the ukulele and makes up her own ditties, usually with a strange voice. One particular day she was singing at the top of her voice, whilst I was struggling to come up with a name for the shop. The names I wanted to use were already taken - Beehive Boutique, Bumble Boutique etc. I chose Humblebumble, but promptly changed it, as I felt there are too many shops with the Bumble Bee image. Deciding to call it a day, I commented on how her singing sounded like a posh which she replied "like an opera singing frog!" And so the name was born.

As a good & wise friend said, "Why be one of a million Bumble Bees, when you can be a Frog?"

I like to "up-cycle" materials where possible, for example a zip from an old pair of jeans. Some of the items I make will be unique, as certain materials I use are old / vintage e.g. buttons that are no longer produced - so you really will be getting one of a kind!

Custom orders are welcome with no extra fee: I have a quick turnaround on items Made to Order (usually 3-5 business days). If there is a particular combination of colours you want but can't see, or you require a certain size, feel free to ask. I'm more than happy to help.

All my products are made with care and to a high standard of quality. The materials used are comfortable and where possible, soft...there is nothing worse than having an itchy item which has you scratching like you have a bad case of fleas! 90% of the wool I source and use, is from "The Women's Institute". For every ball of wool I purchase, a minimum of 6p is given to the *National Federation of Women's Institutes.

*The WI plays an important role in providing women with educational opportunities and the chance to build new skills. For more information visit