Hi, my name is Reynold, or you can call me the Old Relic. I have a passion for local history and the old gold rush-era relics and buildings around Central Otago. It made me sad to see history being lost with the development of the area such as building dams, orchards/vineyards, subdivisions, etc. This is why I started recreating these pieces of history in miniature form, using the same methods and materials that were available to the early pioneers before they are lost forever.

The methods I use are the same as the early settlers in the 1800's. These methods are using my bare hands, hammer, chisel, tin snips, and original materials from the area. These materials are schist, river stone, slate, wood and rusty tin from cut up barrels.

I research the history in the local library and museums around the area. I gain inspiration by sitting by the lake or near the old gold sluicing, to think about how our ancestors worked and what their life was like.

Some of the houses are made from local stone from around the area and is split to size with a hammer and chisel the old fashion way, others are made using wooden blocks. The tin is upcycled rusty tin and cut to size with tin snips. Most of the relics found on the models are handcrafted as well. These range from wagons, picks, axes, gold pans, chopping blocks, water wheels, wells, graves, etc. I try to make everything by hand.

Thank you for taking the time to have a look at my art and for keeping our history alive.