I am a 27 year old stay at home mum to a gorgeous little girl. I love spending time with her, but when she sleeps I get to be creative! Since having my daughter I have found great joy in doing something "non-baby related", although most things I create are designed for children!

I have taught myself to sew, so I do not claim to be amazing. But a lot of love and passion has been poured into each item. I use a mixture of hand stitching and machine sewing to create the products, so if the lines are a little wonky... just think of it as a little extra love!

I am a trained Primary school teacher and I have also worked in an Early Childhood Centre so my desire is that your child will learn through exploring, manipulating and playing with my felt products.

I like using felt as it is easy to sew, you do not have to worry about hems or freying material. It is a durable fabric so you have a wide range of items that can be created! I have many more ideas in my head so check back often for new products.