I was a full time potter in the 80's and 90's. For the last 20 years I had the retail store, Omaha Living, which kept me busy doing other enjoyable things. I no longer have the store and found that I now had the time to get back to being a potter again. I realized I needed more cups for myself and after spending a few lock downs testing, testing and more testing of glazes and clays, I was able to start developing new designs and re stock my own kitchen shelves. (There's nothing quite like a hand made item to use everyday). I've continued on making cups/ mugs as these were also what everyone else was wanting.
I work in my downstairs studio in Omaha where I live so I'm only a few steps away from work and not too far from a swim either!
I'm now back into making my ceramic hearts again, large & small. To make these I hand press the clay into my plaster molds, dry them, fire them, glaze them and fire them again to 1220 degrees Celsius.

I've begun making a range of wall hangings using the hearts in different ways and attaching them onto plywood board. This board was used in my Omaha Living Store as part of my beach huts so it's great to be recycling it into other artistic endeavors. I've made the wall hangings easy to hang. No more banging of thumbs or having to use multiples of nails or hooks to display your groups!
See more of what I'm up to at seasideliving.nz

Cheers & enjoy!