She believed she could, so she did!

odi is all about Leather, Colour, all sorts of Metals from Sterling Silver through to Hand Antiqued Brass, Vintage new old stock- unused uncirculated stock from around the 1940s-1950s eras, I love the rich colours and interesting pieces.
My jewellery design reflects my love for fashion, colour and beautiful things.
I first started making jewellery at the young age of 8
I have always had an ongoing inspiration for art and design.
In 2001 I came up with the odi leather earring, I was at the time working amongst fashion which had a strong influence and inspiration on me.
From there I grew my odi jewellery range using inspiration and ideas from objects, colour, shapes, patterns and designs which grew my range into what is now a vast collection of hand-made pieces that I hope you will enjoy wearing.

Miss Audie Wilkinson.