Natural dyer, seeking perfect imperfection with Papatūānuku as my art director.

I am a self taught natural dyer and botanical printer. Plants are my medium, printing with leaves, flowers, bark and seeds on natural textiles to create unique scarves and clothing and other items intended to be worn as wearable art. Eco printing combines a contemporary process of bundling fabrics up with plant matter with the age old traditional methods of creating dyes from natural resources. All of my pieces are individually dyed by hand, each one taking several days. I love the soulfulness and spiritual connections I make with nature that come from foraging for local plants through to unbundling the finished work. It requires me to embrace serendipity, acknowledging Papatūānuku, the earth mother, as the creative director. The name Nuku stems from this connection and in Māori means earth. I am passionate about working sustainably and with minimal waste, and to that effect some of the garments in my collection are preloved and redeemed with the eco printing process. In particular I am enjoying discovering the potential of our New Zealand native plants.

When you purchase a piece of my work you are buying something unique, sustainable and natural that benefits the environment, supports local artists and, I hope, will give you great joy for a long long time.

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