Origami Books and Objects of Desire

I love books. I love art. I love making art. Woo hoo I found a way to combine my loves with these books.

I up-cycle pre-loved books and turn them into objects of desire. Either stand-alone sculptural objects or hang-on-the-wall art. For me it's a way of honouring and treasuring the books in our lives.

I'm happy to take commissions; names, businesses etc. Also you may have specific books in your life that you love and would like turned into art objects. (I recently folded the very first textbook I ever purchased - way back in 1973 when I was training to be a nurse).

They make great gifts for:

- that person in your life that is hard to buy for
- wedding gifts
- engagement gifts
- family gifts
- Valentines
- farewells
- just because....

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