New Zealand Art – inspired by nature

heysmartypants – New Zealand Art | inspired by nature.

Helene Hall is a New Zealand artist, taking inspiration from our rich culture, flora and fauna to create original art. Her unique experiences growing up in the South Island, working in conservation, and love of New Zealand nature are the drivers for her work.

Hours of research go into each piece to reveal the story behind the subject and she uses a combination of hand-drawn, painting and graphic design to allow an innovative and flexible approach to the outcome.

The finished art is then digitally printed, using papers from sustainable forests, to create posters, cards, calendars, wrapping paper, notebooks, flash card sets and colouring books.

Most of Helene’s work comes as a series or a theme. Lovers of New Zealand art and nature have the flexibility to choose individual pieces or a full set knowing that, whichever option they choose, they will still have a complete story.