Mama-made Waldorf/Steiner inspired wooden love ♥ Created here in New Zealand!

We are parents to a wonderful young family of 4 adventurers, currently living in and converting our 9m vintage house bus!

As a Steiner/Waldorf inspired family of small children, on one income, the beautiful handmade toys were well out of our finances league. So, as true children of our great DIY nation, we made our own! A few years, and a couple more children down the track, and now proudly a Steiner/Waldorf inspired unschooling family, we decided to share the handmade love. We now run an mini off-grid workshop and craft our toys in all sorts of interesting spots.

Our wooden toys are free-cut using primarily maple, a low-allergen, chid-safe hardwood. This makes for a hardy, heirloom quality toy that will stand up to years of play. Our figures are triple sanded, painted with non-toxic waterbased paints, and sealed with a beeswax-coconut oil wood butter.

We hope our lovingly crafted pieces enrich your home, and inspire you in your own pursuits of DIYness and creativity!

Moo&TheGang x