Recycling turns things into other things, just like magic!

Hi I'm Emma,

I'm in marketing and design, one day I was tasked to put together a HUGE trade stand on a TINY budget. I had to think outside of the box.

Then I discovered cardboard tubing! An extremely cost effective system with endless possibilities, I fell in love - literally fell in love.

I started making all sorts of things with it! Our rumpus is sporting a lovely 6-seater couch that doubles as two single beds, with storage underneath. I've got a bedside table, my son has a loft bed, my other son has shelving/steps to climb onto his loft bed!

Then I thought, WAIT A MINUTE....I can't be the only one that loves it, they'll be many more of you out there will love it too, you just don't know it yet.

We had one customer come to us for a cube, next thing I have an order for another 8, a hundreds table and a display stand - MOJO FURNITURE IS TOTALLY ADDICTIVE.