Mum of 3 boys. Registered Nurse by Trade, Mosaicer by passion.


Mosaic Art for your Home.

I have enjoyed making things since I was a young girl and still love to dabble in craft.

For me, mosaicing is a very tactile and therapeutic. It provides peace, serenity and some sanity to a busy environment in which we function.

I love to use a range of Tessera in my mosaics, including vitreous glass, stained glass, shimmer glass, ceramic tiles, preloved china plates /sets , stone mosaic tile, cinca, paua, mirror tiles, cats eyes, smalti, and millefiori.
All of my mosaics are created on appropriate surfaces. My outdoor mosaics are on either treated plywood or a cement fibre board. My indoor mosaics are generally on MDF. They are grouted and each one has been sealed, protecting the grout from moisture and staining.

I am happy to make mosaics to order, I just need an idea to work by.