I just can not help it. I have to scribble and to draw, to sew, print, hammer and nail. I always had to design and shape things around me. To build up my own worlds and to populate them with strange creatures and companions from the worlds behind the door, under the bed, in the dark corners, in the cabinets of my childhood. They are somehow still there. This is what I do and these are my creations.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them. All items are 100% handmade in New Zealand. There is lots of love in them and (hopefully) some magic.

However the nature of their manufacture means that not 2 items are the same. There might be colour and print variations or variations in fabrics and cuts. If the item is not like you expected it to be I will take it happily back and refund the money, but not the shipping.

What is meant by limited edition? One edition is hand printed in one session. The same motive might be printed in another edition but not in exactly the same way or using the same colours. Similar designs in different sizes, colours on different materials fabrics might be made and may also be reproduced on other accessories.

Happy shopping ^_^...