From Science graduate, I've had a few careers but none as all encompassing as now being a busy mum to Tom aged 5 and partner to Shane and running a true cottage industry working out of my kitchen in our family home in Opawa, Christchurch. Mcginns was hatched when my son was born 5 years ago, for the first time considering the how chemicals commonly found in skin care could effect a rapidly growing body, prompted the start of research and development for my own range of skin care products.

To make fresh, local, natural skincare - with only natural preservatives and a short shelf life to ensure only the freshest ingredients make contact with your skin. Natural - without compromise on efficacy, and without the marketing hype. Good honest products that your skin will love. And tested only on willing human participants!

Fresh: Made with love and care in small batches means that the plant active compounds in my products are at optimum freshness.*

Local: I always try to source local ingredients and use local services and suppliers where possible.**

Natural: I use only natural ingredients because I don't like artificial nasties, and believe even small amounts in skin care can have a large accumulative effect on the body. Presevatives, when required are natural, and only intended to protect product from microbes long enough to use whats in the pot.

*I put a 'Batch fresh' label on those products that have a water component in the product (including Aloe and Rosewater). As such these require a natural Benzoin based preservative, and its purpose is to extend the shelf life long enough for the duration of use of the product. My balms, butters, sticks and crayons are made with 100% fats or oils so to prevent these from oxidising I use Natural Vitamin E - a natural anti-oxidant for the product and great for the skin too.

**New Zealand ingredients/ products/ services include: NZ Beeswax, Olive oil from Hastings, NZ Rose Hydrosol, Wanaka Lavender Farm Lavender essential oil, Kanuka essential oil. Lotus oils NZ, Go Native NZ, Essential oils of New Zealand, NZ label shop, Rubber Stamps by Montarga Christchurch, Shardlows Packaging. Christchurch. Graphic design by Laila Lambert (instagram lailalambert or find her on facebook)