Handmade with love by Mamakaz

I’m a mother to my precious little boy 20 months old & a wife to my high school sweetheart who I have shared a wonderful 14 years together – love lives on our street & always will

I’m a little kiwi born & bred girl from small town NZ who couldn’t run away fast enough to the bright lights of the big city. Now I’m feeling myself doing the circle and moving towards my roots, not far off moving closer to that little old small town & finding some space for my children to roam & explore. My mother was always teaching my older sister & myself arts & crafts; painting, sewing, knitting & handmade skills & we were both pretty good to be fair. My sister never went far from her skills & became the professional seamstress, still in much demand with NZ fashion designers while I got busy with the usual teenage malarkey!

Since becoming a stay at home mum who now feels she is learning how to enjoy the simple pleasures life brings from being a mum (& trying my best to cope with rest!) That little old sewing machine of mine is coming out of hiding & that fabric bucket is being ruffled thru. My little mind is ticking away with 'projects' & 'to make' lists that are never going to find enough time to be completed but when I do get some precious moments to myself, I'm finding myself making little items that help compliment our busy family life that I want to share & hopefully a little bit of Mamakaz ends up in another home, getting to enjoy another families love, laughter, & life.