"Just like the ocean always in love with the moon"
- Jeff Buckley lyrics, tattooed on my back.
I think they fit me pretty well, I'm a cancer sign so ruled by the moon, moody like the ocean and "I'm always in love" - Wilco lyrics, another favourite :)
I tend to get slightly obsessed with those things I love, such as music, and also... GLASS!
I get mesmerized melting glass rods within my torch flame and creating beads. I'm especially in love with the ethereal, 'luminous' colours which change in different light and seem to contain inner depths and hidden worlds!!
Many of the special glasses I use contain silver to give that beautiful iridescence, I do my very best to provide pictures of items showing them in different light to capture an accurate portrayal of the colours.
My glass peices are always kiln annealed to strengthen and ensure durability and my jewellery is carefully made with sterling silver wire and components.
I'm a member of New Zealand Glass Bead Artists (NZGBA) and a registered Self Representing Glass Beadmaker (SRA-ANZ member 173) and I have lots of glassy pics on flickr