My name is Tahlia, I am a stay at home mum from Auckland, New Zealand.
I started making my felt creations after becoming pregnant with my little girl Piper. Her underwater themed nursery was the inspiration for making my first mobile. I struggled to find girl themed underwater products that were within my budget.....so decided to try my hand at making my own. The finished product was better than expected and the positive feedback I recieved got my mind ticking. Why not share the love and make these for other littlies too....and here we are!
The name LoveStrung is a pun for the love struck feeling you get when you interact with your little person for the first time. Be it seeing them wriggling during the first scan, or feeling the first kick or when you finally meet for the first time and touch those tiny fingers and toes. I have chosen the word strung instead of struck as all my creations are hung some way, be it a mobile, wall hanging or garland :)
Each of my products is made to order which means no two are ever exactly the same or completely perfect which is what I love most about handmade products! This also allows me to easily change colours and designs to suit your nursery/room theme and particular needs.
I always welcome custom orders if you have something particular in mind; nothing is more satisfying than creating something gorgeous from your ideas.
Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, I am always happy to chat :)

Thanks for visiting!

Tahlia xx