Nau mai, my name is Helen and my obsession with dressmaking began when I learnt how to sew at school in the 1970’s.

Lessons over and with the ever present help and guidance of my mum – the maker of all our clothes when we were kids - I sewed up a storm. My trusty sewing machine and I were constant companions until boredom set in, we got fed up with each other and she (the sewing machine) was consigned to the cupboard for a few years.

Then, The Great British Sewing Bee arrived on TV and I was hooked again.

Now with the help of Jolene (my new machine) I have filled my wardrobe to the brim with outfits and decided to start sewing for others - Lovely Frok was born!

I have chosen simple, stylish dress designs that are easy to wear and flatter most body shapes.

These styles are perfect for casual or work wear, fabrics are carefully selected to complement the style.

All Lovely Frok dresses are made from my home in Auckland, New Zealand.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Nga mihi