Liberation Jewellery – Recycling for the modern world

Jewellery with clean modern lines
splashes of colour and
a hint of boho chic

Hi, my name is Matt, I run Liberation jewellery along with my wife Julie. We have been navigating through the world of small business ownership for about three years now. Placing an emphasis on; community, the handmade and reducing the environmental impact of our products.

I started making jewellery as a side project to my sculptural art practice, but soon realised that jewellery pieces are small sculptures and the gallery is the person who wears it. I have to admit I love being in my studio and making works – it’s my happy place.

One aspect everyone loves about our wooden jewellery is how light it is, large drop earrings can be worn all day without discomfort. We also use surgical stainless steel or sterling silver for posts and hooks - these are great for sensitive ears.

I believe small handcrafted businesses, like ours, offer a great antidote to the world of mass production we live in. Knowing the product you buy is handmade, ethical and made with care is something to celebrate.

Be Kind

Matt and Julie from Liberation Jewellery


Payment is accepted through PayPal. If you don’t have an account, you can still pay using a debit or credit card.
We also accept payment through direct bank transfer


We use Jiffy Bags that can be recycled with your paper recycling.

Please Note: we use recycled cardboard for delivery protection packaging. This helps you save money and also saves the planet. *Prepaid courier bags can go in soft recycling at your local supermarket. Happy Days