Hi and thank you for stopping by...

My name is Zoe. I am from England and I have been living in Christchurch for 2 years. My full time job is managing a hostel.

I have created jewellery since I was around 9 years old and I used to sell my creations in my parents shop.

5 years ago I decided to pursue my dream of seeing the world. I have combined my passion for travel with my love for creating right here in this little shop. My creations help me to fund my dream of seeing the world!

My next adventure is a working holiday in Canada. My shop here with Felt will close on October 1st, so you must get your Christmas orders in early. I will be sure to open another shop once I arrive in Canada. I used to trade on Etsy under 'My Wandering Heart'.

If you would like to follow my adventures and creations please find me on Instagram or Twitter @wanderandshare (my travel account) and @amedevoyageur (my business account).

If you end up here, drop me a message how you found my little shop, I love to know!

Peace and love

Zoe xx