"Creating is a great place of healing for me and has become an even more intrinsic part of who I am; I know having art to colour your world can be just as healing - this is why I create."

I have always had a love for art whether it be brush and paint, pencil, or sculpture, any creative outlet makes my heart sing and it is an escape I am truly thankful for. My younger years were marred with harmful treatment, the reason I think my brain shuts out that part of my timeline, but I am still able to remember when I was creating.

My most vivid memory starts in Primary School. I remember taking out a "How to Sketch" book from the school library and pouring over the pages before I had to return it. Then with biro in hand I begun creating; oh I remember this piece so well, it was of a dog with floppy ears and a human body sitting at a table having high tea. The walls were filled with small frames, photos of other dogs sketched into each one. I remember this one so very well and I know it was because of the praise I recieved for it from my peers. I remember beaming so much!

As the years rolled on it wasn't until High School, where there was a whole subject I could take for Art, that I felt myself as an Artist begin to form. The support I recieved from my teachers truly helped create the building blocks I now use. Unfortunatly there was not a lot of support for the arts from home, it was always a tug of war with my future. Nearing the end of High School I had wanted to pursue Art but ended up studying Psychology, a more appropriate career choice **I am now brave enough to roll my eyes at this**.

Regardless I have pushed on with my art! I still struggle with how much suppression there was at home, how shut down I was as a person - being who I was suppose to be rather than who I truly was. My journey back into art has helped me feel more like myself, although it was not until 2021 that I turly got back into creating, when I was on maternity leave with my only son. If you had told my younger me I would have a supportive community of followers who love my art, and my very own website to showcase it on (plus becoming a Mum), I would not have belived the lies you were telling me.

I am so truly thankful for where my journey has landed me so far. For the support network I now have (including you), and for the freedom I have to grow and be me.