Artist, tinkerer, maker of all things beautiful!

I have been selling my work internationally for the last three years and have often been asked why I haven't really marketed it here in Aotearoa, so here I am!
My journey started when I found a freshly formed Monarch butterfly chrysalis in my yard, I thought it would make a beautiful necklace. I made one for myself and received so many compliments, I started to list some online and so it began!
In this modern world of mass produced items, it's nice to find something unique, made with love and care. I will always make these by hand, to order, because I love the feeling of making something expressly for the person buying it.
I am blessed to have a small (and usually messy!) studio at home and this is where I spend my day creating beautiful things!
To me, the butterfly is a beautiful representation of evolution, transformation and progress.
Thanks for stopping by!
Lisa x