NEW ZEALAND MADE TRUE UPCYCLING Let's give things a second footprint in the world!

With a background in nature conservation we know it is crucial for a sustainable society to use energy resources sparingly and reduce waste. Several years of experience in textile-processing areas like sail and cover making brought our attention to the vast amounts of fabric offcuts that result from the manufacturing process. These leftovers are considered useless, thrown away. Convinced that a change in attitude is crucial, we specialise in restyling those so-called worthless remains and giving them new functional value - true upcycling!
Similarly unsustainable is the use of billboards, which are sent to landfill as soon as they have fulfilled their short purpose of advertising at roads and buildings. KIWI WINGS further utilizes used parts from bicycle and automotive industries, a major source of waste in modern societies.
Therefore, KIWI WINGS products are manufactured from offcut materials from sail and awning making. The range varies from polyester and polyacrylic cloth to high-strength fibre laminates such as Kevlar and carbon fibre. We also recycle discarded garden parasols and PVC billboards; these are perfectly suited for bags and other outdoor accessories due to their sturdy weatherproof properties. Our products are bound by trimmed straps of used rubber bike tubes, which are water-repellent and very robust. For bag carrying straps we convert old car seat belts, cut off at local scrap yards, still strong after years of providing safety in vehicles.

All second hand materials are carefully cleaned and thoroughly inspected before reprocessing. Nevertheless sporadically slight signs of wear and tear are noticeable which we believe add character to our products.
KIWI WINGS accessories are made from 90-100% recycled materials. This makes them environmentally friendly. Only hook-and-loop fastener, zips, buckles and thread are purchased new.