Everything changes ... nothing is lost.

Hi - I'm Kati Brown from Auckland in the North Island of New Zealand. In my shop you will see original jewellery designed and made by me, Kati, to bring you the pleasure of handmade treasures in a mass produced world.

My focus is on natural gemstone beads that resonate with energies in harmony with each other and with their wearers. My gemstones bracelets are made to be worn alone or layered with other bracelets, and often contain meaningful symbols and charms. Wearing jewellery with gemstones or symbols that have special meaning to you can be a gentle reminder to take time out in a busy day to center yourself in a peaceful and healing way.

My earrings often contain symbols which are meaningful to the wearer and can express an aspect of faith. I also create a range of mixed media wearable art and textile pieces which are great fun for the woman who appreciates the unusual.

I come from a long line of jewellers and people clever with their hands in all sorts of ways, so I grew up surrounded by wonderful things made by the hands of people I loved. I'm pleased to carry on the tradition of handmade, and I know that every handmade thing carries an essence of its maker in its lines, colours and contours. I love taking a pile of materials and components and turning it all into something else, I hope you find something in my work that you enjoy too.

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