Kata means laugh in Māori. Kata believes fashion should be fun and add joy to our lives.

Beautiful fabrics bring me joy - their colours, patterns, lustre and texture. I learned how to sew from my mum who not only made clothes for all of us, but also worked with my dad who was an upholsterer. I've always enjoyed making things and a sewing machine has featured in every place I've lived, even when we lived for a time in Tonga. I've made everything from men's suits to couch covers and fabric rabbits.

I started making the merino hand-warmers because I wanted some for myself and a couple of friends. I try as much as possible to use New Zealand merino. It's a lovely, soft feel and they are light and warm. I have a pair in each of my jackets, so they're always there when I need them.

I love making the little gift bags. They are based on Japanese fabric folding and are made from one piece of 46cm square fabric, folded and stitched to produce a lined bag with side pockets and flaps. It still feels like magic!

I enjoy finding interesting fabrics to combine together to make up the back-packs. I started making these as I couldn't find any interesting commercial ones. They all look the same and mostly either dull or kiddies style. I love the soft feel of my fully lined bags. They fit snugly into the small of your back and feel comfortable with their padded backs and adjustable straps.

Most of the items I make are a limited range, many are one-offs, so when you purchase a back-pack, for example, it is a unique item and you won't see another walking down the street.

I'm constantly looking at developing other products and have recently made some commissioned messenger bags. I can make custom-made items, so if the sizes or colours listed here don't suit, please send a message and I can most likely help.

I'm fortunate to have a room with lots of natural light in which to make my goods. It is also a spare bedroom, but I mainly claim it as my craft room, which just happens to also have a bed in it.

I started selling with the Pay It Forward project shop in Christchurch - a fantastic group of designers that morphed into The Kowhai Collective. It's helpful to be part of a creative community.