I live on the West Coast, surrounded by bush, in a house overlooking the ocean. I make pottery using local materials as much as possible. The clay used comes from local sources and my kiln is wood-fired using fuel grown on my own land.

Recently I have been making yarn bowls that are very popular with knitters and for gifts to knitters. They are fun to make with different shapes and sizes. Another recent addition is felting tools, ideal for wet felting.

I also make a range of ceramic tiles which are glazed with recycled glass, as well as a range of domestic pots such as mugs and bowls. The yarn bowls and other pots are made with stoneware clay, a blend of several clays from local sources, and fired in a wood-fired kiln. the wood fuel comes from my own property, mostly pine trees planted many years ago.

The tiles are individually hand-made, pressed in white earthenware clay from my original mould . My tile designs are inspired by local surroundings as well as other sources. Much of the glass used is from bottles and I am always on the lookout for interesting colours. Pieces of old broken bottles can give unique colours, however the glass composition is unknown so no two tiles are identical.

The glass becomes very runny at high temperatures so care is essential when firing the tiles to ensure that no glass runs off the tiles onto the kiln shelf. This can be minimised by careful design of the tile’s surface and ensuring each tile is level on the kiln shelf when fired.

As the fired tile cools the glass crazes (shatters) giving the unique granular texture to the glass.