When I was a kid being creative was easy. It was encouraged every day by my parents. I would draw all sorts of things, and I had a giant box full of wonderful items like cereal boxes and toilet rolls that could be turned in to a myriad of things. I enjoyed studying art through school and college.

But then the 'real world' started to beckon. I had to start thinking about how I was going to support myself and I put a lid on my creativity. This lid stayed on for over 10 years. I distracted myself from the need to be creative with work, home life and travel. But then at the end of 2014 a sudden urge to draw came over me and I gave in to it.

At first it was just for me, but then I shared some images online with friends and family and they encouraged me to push it further. A couple even wanted to buy my work! It was a great feeling to see people enjoying my work so I kept up with it. I am still working the 9 - 5 but it feels great to be able to do this as well.

I live in a beautiful part of New Zealand known as the Orinoco Valley. The closest town is Motueka. When we first moved on to our property it was all over grown with gorse, broom and brambles... in fact a lot of it still is! But during the clearing of some of the land we uncovered a beautiful gully full of native shrubs and trees. The most prevalent tree in the gully is the Kanuka. This gully is the home to a wide variety of native birds so this is why I go by the name of Kanuka Glen, my wife and I have also decided to name our property by the same name.

Life on our property has taught me to make the most of all the materials around me. What others may see as rubbish I will quite often see as something that could be reused or upcycled into another form. This is why I began drawing on pieces of wood. I would find it hard to throw wood away or merely burn it. When I began drawing on wood I really enjoyed the contrast it would create and the extra texture it would bring to the art. After a while it just became the norm for me to search out pieces of wood that would work well as a canvas for my creations. The wood comes from a number of sources. Some of the wood is left over from old apple bins that are past it, some of it is from old floorboards that have cracked, and other pieces even come from old farm fences that some beast or other has leant on too many times!

I like to think my art work has a very rustic and real feel to it. It breathes life in to old wood and creates a talking point for people who enjoy such things. It celebrates New Zealand's native birds in their many guises and characters.

Thank you for coming to see.