Life is richer when you take the time to look around you and notice how incredible ordinary can be!

I have a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) majoring in Printmaking and drawing, and have continued to make work since. Focusing particularly on mixed media pieces, my work is concerned with surface texture and colour and though it is primarily abstract it engages with nature both in it’s look and feel. My most recent series incorporates print, collage and stitching to create rich textural pieces that explore the possibilities of such diverse materials.

Having been born and bought up in Zambia my work still reflects the influence of traditional arts (as well as using ‘Bemba’ words in some of the titles), whilst incorporating the more structured approach associated with western art. The relationship between fine art and craft has been an important thread throughout my work.

I have been teaching Art and Design for 16 years, first in the UK, then having emigrated to New Zealand in 2004, here in New Zealand.