Hi, my name is Allie Avery, let me introduce you to the wonderful world of Jusju.

Explore with me my unique Kiwiana design wear for women, men, children and toddlers.......

Picture it..... A busy mum, working part-time as a nurse and running a home with two very busy boys and a husband. I needed an outlet so i took an interest in making tees for friends as gifts. So what started out purely as a hobbie from home, quickly turned into a fast growing success. In five years my designs have led me on a whirlwind adventure, starting in our local community and fast extending within Aoteraoa and now overseas. I have evolved from creating T-shirts to designing skirts and bags as well.

My unique kiwiana creations look fantastic on, wear well and also make wonderful gifts for loved ones missing home and better still are economical to post.

I have also now incorporated the wrap skirt, this skirt is one size fits all (roughly from a size 12 to a size 18) The wonderful thing about these skirts is that they are reversable, so you are able to pick two different patterns all for the same price of $70.

The best thing about the sizing of the skirts being a free size, when you are feeling like none of your clothes in your wardrobe are fitting you, grab your Jusju designed skirt and it is guaranteed to fit you no matter what the weather or time of the month.

I would love to be able to produce you a unique garment which is created with aroha and pride by me just for you.

Allie Avery
Creative Designer