Hey! welcome to my page thought I better drop a few lines here so ya’ll can put a face to the name, so! i’m Leah I started this whole thing making resin keychains and now its kinda turned away from that into something bigger and better and i’m fast running out of space for all my arty farty stuff lol .

Anyway i’m a small town girl hailing from Bluff, I have always been creative something which my mum always helped fuel as a kid we’re always crafting and painting and making something and its always stuck with me so thanks mum.

Its always been a dream to have a job doing something you love and enjoy so hoping this little adventure of mine goes well. All of my new stuff has a little inspiration of the sea and space hence my whole logo being “jupiter & pip” jupiter being the ruler of my birth planet sagittarius my star sign and pip is short for pippy my nick name from my uncle who passed away.

I used to collect all sorts of shells “still do” ....hoarder lol and would pick up cockle shells and bring them home in my pocket but we called them pippys and I think thats how name came about . But anyway its a nice little combo of two things I love the ocean and outer space ....and it sounds kool.

More about me , my day job is a oyster opener I have been doing this seasonally for about 7 years now ....I think yeeesh long enough but I love it. Im a big geek I love books and comics and food pff who doesn’t and I have my furr child frankie she is a spoodle #bestdogintheworld im a crazy dog lady and want to have all the dogs!

Ummm anyway hope you enjoy all the awesome shit I make and buy it pretty please