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I’m a Northland Artist, living in Auckland. Born in Whangarei, from an English born mother and Fijian born Father.

I have been creating from a young age, paintings, screen prints, illustrations & my most recent works are my handmade Woodcut prints.
My Art work is inspired by our Beautiful New Zealand environment, our bird life and relaxed coastal Lifestyle. I endevour to capture a ‘sense of atmosphere’, a feeling, a truthfulness, colour and boldness in my art.
I present the essence of my surroundings with luscious Pacific tones and moods & textures. My Art work has an honest feel.
I'm a mixed bag of lollies, I'm qualified as an Architectural Designer, Photographer & Beauty Therapist and born artist.

My Art
Work is easy to comprehend, my mark making & colours are made through a clear headed Pacific environment.
Enjoy viewing
JSP Art Gallery

Thank you :)

Jessica SP