I was born in the UK and emigrated to Taranaki, NZ in the late 1980’s, while in my early teens. I've been married to my tāne, Hone, for 20+ years and we have 2 children.

I left my background in Corporate Information Technology in 2007 to dedicate my time to my family, and it wasn’t until 2015, while searching for a creative outlet, that I discovered the potter’s wheel. I have been addicted ever since!

With an appreciation for all forms of creativity, inspiration for my current making practice comes from exploring the possibilities of functional-ware. I find joy in the tactile mindfulness working with clay brings me and aim to incorporate that joy into my work. The marks and gestures formed during making bring me particular delight, as they serve as a reminder of each piece’s original state.

I have a current obsession with participating in wood firing workshops, and exploring effects and surfaces in this type of atmospheric firing which aren't accessible to me otherwise at this point in time. Dipped and sprayed flashing slips are used at various phases during the creation of each piece to highlight the life and path of the flame, with oxide washes accentuating crackles and surface stamping. All work is bisque-fired and had internal (liner) glazes applied. The outer surface of each piece is then left for the kiln to glaze itself, with the wood ash produced during the firing plus a controlled application of soda introduced into the kiln just prior to completion.

I have exhibited recently via the New Plymouth Potters Association Annual Exhibitions (held at JD Reid Gallery) of 2018 and 2019, and received recognition of my work through the Novice Exhibitor Award (2018 - Selected by Peter Collis), and the Merit Award (2019 - Selected by Louis Kittleson).