Hi, my name is Craig, I'm the person you may have seen in his shed late at night with the light still on. You may have wondered, " What on earth is he doing this late at night?" Well, here it is, my first venture into the world of kids toys and designer furniture

I first made this dolls house for my daughter, then friends and family said how great it was and that I should " get it out there". So here it is on Felt.

In my younger days I studied Interior Design and have since been an architectural model maker, operating my own business. Hopefully some of those skills can be seen in my designs.

When it comes to design, 'quality not quantity' and 'less is more' come to mind. I enjoy detail and a high level of finish and craftsmanship. This is what I have tried to achieve in my dolls house and drawers design.

Thankyou for visiting my shop.