About icyclaws studio

icyclaws studio is a handcrafted studio based in the South Island, New Zealand. Designer and maker Jo was originally a product designer and was able to learn about many different materials. She now dedicates herself to creating unique handmade goods after learning the process of mass-produced products. Minimalist style and functionality have always been considered in her work. In 2018, Jo taught herself to knit and now she’s starting to produce a collection of knitting supplies made of leather. All the designs are from pattern right through to the real product, from punching holes to stitching by hand. Sometimes she creates one-off goods with limited materials found in NZ.

Vegetable-tanned pure leather is the material she uses for her work. She tries not to use metallic buttons or decorations to avoid getting rusty. The leather goods will be stored well and packed with used wrapping paper - let’s save the earth!

Good things take time. Thanks for stopping for a browse and taking some goods home. Enjoy!