Hanging Rock Roost is where we live, love, grow, create and nurture.

We are parents to three gorgeous and boisterous boys. They keep us on our toes and we love every minute of it! We live on a couple of acres in rural South Canterbury and we love the lifestyle we have here away from the city where we both grew up. We grow veges in our garden, we have animals and a creek in our paddock and we are a short walk from one of the many local rivers. It's a wholesome and "real" lifestyle and we take our inspiration from our gorgeous surroundings. We are makers, we are creators, we love to work hard.

Vanessa loves to make - she's been doing it since she was a wee girl, in some shape or form. Having given up formal work in Graphic Design to stay at home to look after the boys, she's been enjoying the creativity that comes with crafting. Now that the youngest boy is off to school she has more time to turn her hands more to making and designing.

The Hanging Rock Roost Felt Store sells (among other things) original knitting patterns designed by Vanessa Harper. Please respect all the time and effort that has gone into the production and testing of this pattern by buying a new copy rather than sharing it with others. Likewise, the finished product is not to be sold.

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