Welcome to Homespun & Little Extras

Our small team, Melinda and Ashleigh, as a mother and daughter team we have combined our ideas and passion into creating uniquely handmade gifts inspired by ever changing trends and interests.


With an eye for colours, textures and detail I grew up surrounded by arts and crafts. Taking every art and sewing subject I could at school, this lead me on to complete a Degree in Interior Architecture. Now working in residential house design, my input into Homespun has flared from interests in interior design and inspirations which have grown from a precious little person in my life. I like to keep up with current trends and ideas and always believe if something's too expensive to buy from a store then why not come up with something better hand made.


After many years of designing, playing around with ideas and the love for crafts, I have raised three wonderful children who also enjoy making, designing, painting and crafty things. It has inspired me to share some of the beautiful crafts, myself and Ashleigh have made for you and your little ones. My love for children and working with little people for the last 37 years and still am, has made me look at special dreams for children

With a now rushed world where we drive cars instead of walking and taking a thorough look around, we don't often allow children to explore the world the way they used to. With more time spent indoors rather than being exposed to the beautiful imaginative wonders of nature and the outdoors. Children are rarely allowed to climb trees anymore, more for the fear of them getting hurt, we still need children to have a world of wonder.
With that in mind comes the fairy doors, to put in a little girl's or boy's room for who is to say maybe Peter Pan coming to visit or Tinkabell, or a beautiful mystery fairy.

Children need to continue to have a childhood with wonder, beauty and magic all around, and when we think we have grown up, do we? Never!

Our love for crafts has continued for many years from scrapbooking, knitting, cross stitch, dimond art, painting, paper tole, hobby text paint, paper crafts, sewing, jellerewy making to miniatures.

As we say, there is a child in all of us just waiting to explore. Let's explore the wonder and magic together.