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Local handcrafted soap - using local natural ingredients as a base and adding essential oil and herbs and spices, making soaps for sensitive skin and problems like dermatitis and acne.

Other Products available:

Patchouli Shampoo Bar with no SLS or Parabens
Flowers of Sulphur Soap for Acne
Nit Shampoo Bar for children over 2 years
Pool/Swimmers Soap for Chlorine Neutralizing - also a vegan soap
Aloe Vera Vegan Soap - also suitable for toddlers/babies
Rose Olive Soap with Silk - vegan soap
Hair Root Tonic Bar
Close Shave Bar
Goatsmilk Soap
Salt Bar - unscented
Quartz Crystal Soap
Greenstone Soap

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If you have bought something from me at the Markets that is not in my shop here, just email me and ask, this site only has a small selection of my range.

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