Ko to ngakau ki nga taonga a o tupuna - in your heart lays the treasures of your ancestors

Kia ora ra e hoa!

Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua te waka
Nei uri ahau no Nga Puhi
Ko Pukerata te marae
Ko Hannah Te Whata-Johnson toku ingoa
Ko Oliver taku tamaiti
No reira
Tihei, mauri ora!

I descend from a whanau of artist who have inspired me with the love and soul that they leave in each piece of their work.
I too follow in their footsteps.
I am intrigued by the timelessness of art and inspired by the stories that are told through their uniqueness.
I love working with natural elements such as clay, harakeke, stones and wood.
Most of all my soul dances when I create wearable pieces of art.

For me jewelry has always been a tangible reminder that I am part of something bigger. It tells me of a story where I am connected to the piece long before it enters my life and long after it leaves - from earth, to the many changes in hands, the crafting process, love, thought and then to be with me.

Every creation is made with soulful love by my own hands & tells a story.

In this journey of mahi aroha I endeavour to be a good ancestor myself & so, I use sustainable packaging to ship my jewelry and where possible during the process.

Arohanui e te whanau!