Medieval people (just like us) liked to accessorise - and the bling for the masses was made of pewter. These pewter accessories are based on pieces from medieval and renaissance Europe, dating from the 12th to the 16th century. They're handmade in the traditional way - individually cast in hand-carved soapstone moulds.

These accessories are made from lead-free pewter (lead poisoning might be historically accurate but really, do we actually want to go that far?) and, like all pewter, they will develop a matt patina with time. As they are hand-cast in stone moulds, small variations in their finish are part of their nature.

I've been involved with re-enactment groups and theatre in New Zealand for over twenty years, and for many of those I have been making cast pewter accessories for re-enactors to add a bit of authentic decoration to their garb. These pieces look just as striking on modern clothing as historical costume.

I hope you enjoy wearing these little bits of history as much as I enjoy making them.