Hello and welcome to my felt. shop!
My real name is Birgit and I am originally from Germany which might have had some influence in me being a perfections and believing in high quality products ;-). Otherwise I am chaotic and love everything colourful. Since I usually feel quite cold I combined my passion for crocheting with making warming and/or fun accessories.

I try using 100% New Zealand sheep wool that has also been spun in New Zealand rather then using Australian wool that was shipped over to China and eventually landed here what simply does not make a lot of sense to me with all the sheeps and manpower we have here. But I also have to admit that colour comes first for me. Therefore, if I can´t find the brightest red or whatever other colour, I´ll go for the Made in China stuff (yikes, I should´t really!)...

You can visit my blog at www.merrygolightly.com or like me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Merry-Golightly/216072725201616?fref=ts

Many thanks!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Happiness Warranty~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I am confident that you will enjoy your purchased Merry Golightly item very much, but you might hesitate since you can neither touch nor try it on unless you have actually bought it. Therefore I am more than happy to exchange any item that you are not 100% happy with!
Please note that returned items need to be in unworn condition and sent back in 7 days after receiving them. Please understand that I can not pay for your return postage. Thank you!