For 40 odd years I have been involved with gardening- and for the last 30 odd years have been self employed running my own herb and heirloom vegetable plant business. Being a fourth generation knitter, I have always had a passion for knitting- my two children had lots of handmade clothing when they were young and I still knit and crochet for my daughter now, even though she is 36 and a good knitter and crafter herself! I also love crochet, cross stitch and sewing.Now that I am able to slow down slightly I have decided to indulge those passions! I have many original and creative ideas running through my head and really hope to be able to bring some of them to fruition and share them with you.
The baby doll showing off my smaller baby items is 64 years old and was given to me on my first Christmas- my dear old Mum would be delighted she was helping me with showing off my knitting!