Putting the fun in funky, and the me in team!

Fun Creations (aka CathARTic Creations), are two Manawatu friends and neighbours with young families who began creating jewellery and other crafty art as some much needed , cathartic, ‘Me Time’ - and quickly become addicted to the creative and artistic outlet and fun that it provided.

We use everything from recycled (salvaged) beads, gemstones, original art, and free-range feathers—to Lego, plastic toys and copper wire in our pieces.

We love making these! We adore the challenge and the humour in creating fun, funky, classic or combination jewellery and stationery. If you like our work, and would like a piece made to your specifications, please feel free to contact us.

We hope you get as much joy from wearing your handcrafted jewellery as we did in creating it.
Ami & Nicola