I am currently having a holiday from my Felt shop. If you have any queries please message me.

Im a crafter living in Auckland who works full time and squeezes my crafty endeavors in whenever I can.

A love of everything vintage inspires me to make treasures that allude to an heirloom type quality.
Works generally centre around an individual piece of vintage textile or ephemera, selected with a discerning eye, lured in by the details, rich history and craftsmanship, and often the sparkle of a 50s lurex gown!
I’m particularly drawn to the things that are past their original purpose, usually a bit shabby and dishevelled, that I then keenly up-cycle, giving them a second life.
My magpie type hoardings are mixed with natural fibered materials like wool felt, cotton, leather, linen and paper to make all sorts of treats for you and your home.

Please feel free to ask if you have any queries.