See the beauty, feel the love, be inspired

I started weaving in 2008 and love the process of taking ordinary flax leaves and transforming them into something beautiful and practical. I appreciate the structure, detail and precision involved in this ancient art form. I have a Bachelor of Maori Visual Arts from Te Wananga o Aotearoa and have found it fascinating to learn tikanga and techniques.

Creating has always been a part of my life, thanks to the heritage I have received from my family. My mum has been a knitter and sewer (of almost anything, ranging from bridal wear to curtains to upholstery) and my dad has worked in the building industry all his life. In the wider family I have been privileged to watch boat and house builders at work, painters, jewellery makers, an aeroplane builder and a lace maker.

I believe creativity is an essential part of who we are and at this stage of my life, I am very happy to have the space and time to celebrate that!

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