My Inspiration is felt with the Heart ___________________________

Welcome to my FELT shop !

I am passionate about the ancient art of felt making and producing everyday objects as well as works of art.

Since childhood I was interested in creative activities and have continued to explore new techniques throughout my life.
It was in my thirties as a mum when I was first introduced to felt making and discovered a great fascination.
My first pieces were wet felted wool balls but over a few years and through courses and practice, my work has evolved to where it is today and is now ready to go out into the world.

The use of wool fibre and the alchemy of the felting process allows me to use sustainable material which is both consistent with my beliefs and the organic nature of my work.
Creating these pieces allows me to communicate some of my thoughts and feelings about the importance of cherishing the environment.

Living in rural New Zealand and close to the mountains , the river and the sea I draw my inspiration from nature and my beautiful natural surroundings.
My work is created with love, skills developed within my life , and a piece of my artist’s soul in every item.

Love Tina

PS :
Find more of my work @ silkydesignz.felt showcasing beautiful one of a kind wearable creations made with the finest natural fibres, colour and love !