Wear jewellery that makes you smile

When I was younger I always wanted to be an archaeologist, there was something about the allure of how people lived a long time ago, and how they decorated themselves with jewellery that has always fascinated me. As I grew up, I ended up as a mum of two, chasing the dream of being a jeweller, with an big interest in history.

I love the creation of something entirely new, knowing that what I am doing is part of a long line of people who have crafted and made jewellery to mark special occasions, or to add sparkle to every day.

I have learned my craft through the Canterbury Silversmiths Guild and, like every craftsperson, am still learning every time I pick up my tools. I enjoy making earrings, rings and pendants, and enjoying using river stones, sea glass and semi precious stones into the jewellery I create.

When I'm not making jewellery, I'm a busy wife & Mum, while also doing gardening, reading and being an occasional half marathon competitor.