IMaginary Friends has been a journey a lifetime in the making. I created my first plush toy at the age of eight and have been creating in many mediums over the years.

I am an internationally collected artist and my creations are living all over the world from the US, Australia, the UK, Finland and beyond!

My creations are made using various techniques - depending on the item they can be sewn and needle felted along with some sculptural elements on some pieces.

Needle felting is a technique where you interlock wool or other fibres with a special barbed needle to create a soft sculpture. This is quite a time consuming process and each creation can take from 5-20 hours depending on the size and complexity. I put a high level of craftsmanship in each of my projects and know you will be delighted with your new companion.

I use merino wool, New Zealand Corriedale, New Zealand Alpaca and other gorgeous natural fibres in my felted creations. My artist bears and friends are made from high quality plush, viscose, alpaca and mohair.

Although my creations are cute and cuddly, they are not intended as toys for small children as they have small parts.

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