Hello! My name is Esther, and I'm a mosaic artist based in the Nelson region of New Zealand.

I'm originally from Switzerland, and also spent some years living in the Netherlands before settling here in lovely New Zealand about five years ago. I initially lived in the Canterbury region but am now enjoying life here in sunny Nelson.

The qualities of patterns, texture, and colour in the world have always fascinated me. I explored those qualities during my years as a professional mapmaker and casual geology hobbyist (and keen jigsaw puzzler, for those rainy winter days!).

When a friend introduced me to the craft of mosaicking, it wasn't long before I'd found myself a new hobby, which quickly developed into something more! As my modest studio space became crowded with finished and in-progress works, I also started getting regular expressions of interest in my better pieces.

Now mosaic art is my main occupation, and my aim is to create thought-provoking original works which are inspired by our surroundings (natural and otherwise) and which showcase those great qualities of pattern, texture and colour. I also like to create pieces which have a practical use.

I do hope you enjoy looking around my Felt Shop. If there's anything you're interested in, or would like to give feedback of any kind, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Follow my 100 Days Mosaic Madness Journey on http://100daysproject.co.nz/project/2014/1511