“Wow! Love the colours!” "I've got to have that one!" 1st Prize in Kapiti Arts & Crafts award

Kia ora! I’m Bronwyn Angela White, and I’ve knitted and stitched for so long I can’t remember being taught.

In 2020 I began my “Silver Birch Forest" series. Other pieces are inspired by exhibition themes or evolve organically from the yarns and fabric in my stash.

Since joining Creative Fibre a few years ago, my imagination and experimentation have increased, along with my confidence, and I'm having a go at couching and embellishing as well as long stitch, cross stitch and embroidery stitches.

I’m happy to accept commissions from anyone who’s happy with my process-led, and largely unplanned, non-representational style of creating.

Earlier times:

My mum and Nanna were constant and enthusiastic knitters and I learned from them. At primary school we stitched on huckaback fabric, then moved to tapestry canvas. I seem to recall a cross stitched budgie - my first “fibre artwork”.

I began serious cross stitching some decades ago, quickly moving to create my own designs rather than other people’s ideas or kit sets.

More recently I've had fun with scrumble and freeform knitting (some ends up in my fibre art), hand-weaving on a small frame and using rug canvas to create an over-stitched, woven effect.

I have four other shops on the Felt platform:
hand-knit accessories and quirky kids’ clothes in Bronz.art and 2Brothers respectively; and jewellery in bronz.beads and bronz.bridal

Thank you for visiting my shops and reading my bio. You can see the extent of my creativity and interests on my non-commerce website: www.eclecticyarn.com