Hello everyone, I am Donna Robertson, a Christchurch-based graphic designer and director of Robertson Creative, a commercial studio offering logo design, print artwork and marketing materials. I enjoy the entire creative process and love the challenge of creating a new visual brand or solving complex design problems.
Beyond working with businesses I am devoted to creating illustrations that grab people’s attention and hearts. I find inspiration in illustrating my beloved city of Ōtautahi Christchurch. Starting as a creative gift for my corporate clients, my Ōtautahi illustrations have grown to encompass the city's revitalisation.
From my office on High Street, I was watching buildings being brought back to life. I began illustrating my favourite buildings and sites in the city, the fun and creative things popping up. There wasn’t a lot to include in the beginning, but as the city came back, I had more to add. I have added some of my clients and their businesses, and my family and friends.
My illustrations also became a personal therapeutic outlet, especially during the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic.
My Ōtautahi products have recently gained recognition and are now used by the Christchurch City Council as corporate gifts for visiting dignitaries, highlighting the city’s resurgence.
I have added new products including my 'Aotearoa Teaspoons' design and plan on creating more.

Donna Robertson B.Des
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