Dolly Thunders -
I am an artist who has done formal training and has always worked in the artistic realm.
Re-purposing society's cast-offs to tell a brand new story ;)
Reducing landfill; fabrics only brought from small independent traders and only a small amount brought from charity shops.
Mostly purchased in Melbourne, Australia and London, England.
The fabric I use is not cheap, some is faded, but I ensure that it has years of use in it. I carefully think about pattern placement.
Would I rock this item? Would I love this if gifted to me? Hell yeah!
Time, effort and design; mixing and matching fabrics so you can be stylish and proud.
For those like minded souls who don't want beige, mass produced fabric and who don't want to feel guilty about consuming beautiful things.
My creations are not for the faint of heart. Lovingly made for people who are warriors and want to have fun even in the toughest of times.
I support made in Aotearoa and womyn in business
We can have a sustainable future and be fabulous!!!!!!
If I am not your thing, please think about supporting other artists who are creating amazing products xx